About Us

About Us

Data is the fuel that powers OpenMeta. We manage billions of consumer, business, and digital records. The OpenMeta cloud network enables access and manipulation of thousands of data points enabling companies to achieve marketing success through the use of high-quality data. Our secure data cloud is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the industry. It is comprised of hundreds of compiled and proprietary data sources, has over 500 different selects, and utilizes a triple validation process to guarantee accurate targeting. This includes demographic, geographic, firmographic, lifestyle, personal interests, CPG, vehicular, and behavioral data.

With offices in Arizona, California, Texas, and the Caribbean island of Barbados, OpenMeta has positioned itself to provide data solutions to companies around the globe. The OpenMeta executive team consists of seasoned industry professionals with a long-standing track record of success in the data aggregation and digital marketing space.



President & Chief Executive Officer
Art is a seasoned and accomplished corporate executive with a proven track record for developing and implementing business operations within complex technology organizations. Recognized as an expert in applying operational and financial concepts to corporate management decisions, Art has been able to build highly motivated management teams focused on business plan execution, operational efficiency, and safeguarding of assets while achieving revenue goals.
Art has significant corporate management and capital markets experience, serving for five years as Chief Financial Officer for a publicly traded company, as well as Financial Operations Principal and Chief Compliance Officer of its investment banking subsidiary. He is a graduate of Walsh University, and The Ohio State University College of Law.
Art’s personal interests include photography, gourmet culinary adventures and travelling.


VP & Chief Operations Officer

Greg has always been a trailblazer on the cusp of innovation.  Since the early 1990’s, Greg has been able to aid in the creation of new platforms and devise ways to fill existing marketing voids, improve access to data, and provide services that not only disrupt and improve traditional systems, but revolutionize activities in their industries.

Greg oversees the day to day operations of OpenMeta and plays an integral role in our platform and data development projects. Greg is a graduate of the University of Arizona.


VP & Chief Technology Officer

Will is a highly accomplished IT Executive designing and developing self-service software applications built on BIG Data, running in Cloud Infrastructure in highly secure environments, leveraging analytics to aid in yielding high profits and rapid growth.

He is responsible for technology strategy which includes highly accurate and automated data processing, cloud infrastructure, MS Azure platform-as-a-service, Cloudera / Hadoop Data Management Platform, APIs, Marketing Automation Platform, Analytics, and Digital Marketing.
Will is a graduate of Texas Tech University.


VP & National Sales Director
Jared Knapp is a business-development executive who has helped companies grow to the next level by enhancing their market reach.
Before joining OpenMeta, Jared worked for over 15 years in the lead generation and data acquisition business. He carries a track record of increasing sales for online and offline channels. After a successful career in finding the winning combination, Jared now advises companies on how to get the most out of each campaign. Jared is a graduate of the California State University at Northridge.
Outside of the office, Jared enjoys ice hockey and traveling.